Point inside a tube-like volume test?

Point inside a tube-like volume test?

Post by Rob Bair » Wed, 01 May 1996 04:00:00

Hi, does anyone have any thoughts or solutions to my volume problem:

Given two arbitrary ellipses in 3 space I am trying to develop an
efficient test to determine whether or not any arbitrary point
is contained within the volume defined by the two ellipses.

Im not being very precise about the definition of the enclosing
volume, but its usually a tube-like structure with ellipsoid caps,
not necessarily parallel to each other.

Thanks for any help.




1. Spheres or blobs (POV) inside a volume defined by 3d points


        I have posted already a similar question, but just to make my
question more precise, I can imagine a latex sphere initially arounbd my set
of 3d points, and then air in pumped out of it so that its volume gets
smaller and smaller to finally stretch tightly around the volume definerd by
thgose points. Some points may be inside, but they are a minority (more a
noise than anything else), and the majority of 3d points define a 2d cover...
how to approximate this volume wuith spheres or blobs????

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