qhull vs. cdd

qhull vs. cdd

Post by Thomas Hirsc » Tue, 08 Jul 2003 18:56:52


Does anyone have practical experience and recommendations concerning the
speed difference between the qhull algorithm/library and others?

I am looking for the fastest free library able to compute voronoi and
delaunay on a small set (<100) of nodes in high dimensions (~7 to 13).

"When to use qhull"[1] says:

Quote:> If your problem is in high dimensions with a few, non-simplicial facets,
> try Fukuda's cdd. It is much faster than Qhull for these distributions.

Do you have any knowledge at which point cdd becomes faster than qhull?

I know that qhull is unwilling to compute more than 9d diagrams due to
memory issues.

Thank you in advance for all comments, help or pointers to interesting

Thomas Hirsch

[1] http://www.thesa.com/software/qhull/html/index.htm#when


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