LEDER! LACK! GUMMI! See WebSite "http://wtp.net/~GMFLOYD/latex.html" - dmct003.jpg [01/01]

LEDER! LACK! GUMMI! See WebSite "http://wtp.net/~GMFLOYD/latex.html" - dmct003.jpg [01/01]

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1. ****"""""BUG IN PROGRAM"""*****

Does anyone have a problem using PhotoShop 3.  I have alien skin filters
and Kai's Power Tools and yet if I use the spheroid designer in Kai's Power
Tools and then try to add a drop shadow to it using alien skin, PhotoShop
crashes.  Has anyone got a solution to this problem.  It's really bugging
me (pun not intentional).

Yours Pete


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