3D data set -> graphical object (via triangulation)

3D data set -> graphical object (via triangulation)

Post by Matthew T. Ada » Sun, 17 Jul 1994 02:58:45

Hello all.

Lately (in the past 2 months or so) I've seen many requests for
algorithms to take a set of 3D points that are not necessarily
gridded and triangulate them, constraining the triangulation to
occur only in certain ways.  One way is to constrain the
triangulation to occur only between nearest neighbors; another,
which I am interested in, is to constrain the triangulation to
occur only along the outer surface defined by the point set.

After reading the FAQ, I only found one entry, regarding Voronoi
and Delauney triangulation.  I've yet to play with it enough to
know for sure if it will do what I want; that is, take my 3D point
cloud data set and triangulate it only along the surface,
producing a graphical object in the format of my choosing (POVray
2.2, .dxf, etc).  The data set, in my case, represents vertices
that define different neuroananatomical structures taken from
MRIs, but I'd like an algorithm that doesn't rely on the slice-
formatted nature of MR and that will take any 3D point cloud data

An algorithm that calculates both connectivity and vertex normals
would be the best, but I think the normal can be calculated from
the original data set and the connectivity list.

I would be willing to summarize replies and repost, hopefully to
be included in the FAQ.

Thanks in advance,


Matthew T. Adams
University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
4200 E 9th Ave, C268-68
Denver, CO  80262


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Thank you,
Brian Crowley

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