Crossplatform 2D library

Crossplatform 2D library

Post by RoyalSW » Sat, 01 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Hello, I'm new to your newsgroup. My name is Dan and I'm on a Mac now but am
 trying to move certain programs gracefully over to Windows.

My question: does a fairly good library to draw simple 2D shapes like lines,
 boxes, ovals, with basic (at least) color support, exist, in a crossplatform
 form? Or at least something I can convert without having to rewrite
 completely? The reason is that I need the graphics on both the Windows and Mac
 side to be basically pixel-to-pixel identical, so I can't use each side's
 particular engine.

There's something called QuickDraw GX out there but I'd much rather use
 something by a small independant developer or group (they make better code).



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I'm Using Director 5.0 to create a multimedia presentation.. I have
Quicktime movies created by premiere and videoshop on the Mac.  
But some movies once flattened and moved to the PC do not play correctly
using the media player for video.  I get audio correctly converted in the
AVI file using smartvid, however the video gives me a message:

"Video not available, cannot find 'vids:raw' decompressor."

I converted several movies at the same time, some of them converted
correctly, while others did not.

Back on the Mac side I brought the flattened .Mov files back into
Premiere, the ones that did not convert correctly indicate they have
an Alpha channel. Where the ones that converted ok did not have an
Alpha channel.

Is there anyway to get rid of the "alpha channel" from the video so the
movies can be converted to AVI format correctly?

Please e-mail me responses...

Eric Smith

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