Graphics Books

Graphics Books

Post by Mark Gabri » Fri, 15 Oct 1993 00:07:41

  Could anyone recommend any good books for a beginner into graphics programming?
I picked up 'Flights of Fantasy" (can't remember the author) so far it's been
pretty good, but it only deals with 3D graphics.

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1. 3D Programming books (formerly Cameras in 3D, also Good 3D Graphics books)

I too have heard that 3D Computer Graphics by Alan Watt is a good book,
and I will probably purchase it.  

The Problem I have with Computer Graphics Principles and Practicies is
that I just do not have the mathematical skills behind me to understand a

lot of the notation used and a lot of things.  I have purchased book on
Linear Algebra, and several on geometry, but they do not help me with
understanding the notation that is used.  I am in Grade 12 of High
School, and an excellent math student, maybe you could recomend a book
that might help me learn some of the notation used in books like this?  
This fact has kept me from purchasing 3D Computer Graphics early, but I
guess i'll bite the bullet and get it.

Can anyone else out there recomend good books on either 3D Graphics, or
Mathematics that might help me, and other people out?

See ya later!

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