anyone uses Lightwave here?

anyone uses Lightwave here?

Post by well » Fri, 13 Jun 2003 01:55:07

I have posted this in LW plugin forum before, but no reply so far.
I am a graphics programming newbie, so these question may be too simple for
you guys. ...

"I am trying to write a shader using photon mapping, however I cannot
solve couple of problems.

1. I have no idea how to implement photon mapping in a 3D program
such as Lightwave3D, should I build a (globlal, volume) photon map (photon
tracing) before calling my shader? Or should I do it during executing the

2. If I have to call my photon tracing fucntion before executing the shader,
which class (pixel filter?) should I use in order to build a photon map.

3. Will it takes very long time to build a photon map in the
3Dprogram such as Lightwave?

4. Any function in LWSDK is useful for building photon mapping?

I have read some papers and the book by Jensen Wann Henrik about
photon mapping, probably I am a newbie of writng shader, I might mis-
understand or miss something. Could you guys gvie me some hints or
idea if anyone knows? Allthought writing this shader is just for fun,
but I really want to learn.

thanks a lot