Graphics Interface proceedings

Graphics Interface proceedings

Post by Neil Gatenby (WTH P » Tue, 05 Oct 1993 21:26:14

Sorry if this seems outside the remit of the group, but could anyone tell
me where I can get hold of copies of the "proceedings of Graphics
Interface" conferences - I know these are organised by the Canadian
Information Processing Society, but I have no address for them.



email replies only please, to avoid cluttering the group.

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1. Need Graphics Interface Proceedings

I have the proceedings from Graphics Interface '93 and '92,
and am looking for copies of the earlier conferences, mostly
from '85 to '91.  Unfortunately they don't seem to be able to
be ordered (I've tried, and they only have '93) so I'm
hoping someone out there has a copy or three of these
earlier proceedings that they no longer need.

I'm more than willing to pay $25-$30 each for them..

Thanks for any help!


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