interpolation/decimation by block in IDCT block

interpolation/decimation by block in IDCT block

Post by mose » Sun, 03 Mar 2002 01:21:46

hi all

I'm looking for any algorithms and source code in c that show how to use the
interpolation and decimation by non-integer factor.

I'll appricate if you could help me with these problems..

BEst regards


1. Animation-techniques, block-controller, keyframe-interpolation

First of all thank you very much for an excellent newsgroup, and the answers
I have received on my earlier postings.
  Now, I have a few question regarding animation-techniques.
I am animating a character walking, using bones and skin, with dummy-objects
linked to the end-effectors. What is the best way to repeat the walk-cycle?
I have tried using a block-controller, and have put blocks with the same
length as the cycle, following eachother in the masterblock-track. This is
the way it is done in the Online Tutorials. The problem is however that the
dummy-objects are gradually, with every block, moving a bit away the
position it should have, making the walk sillier for every cycle. This
happens even using the tutorial files, with the walking beetle, if you add a
few more blocks than is said. Why is this happening? And is there a better
way to do it than adding blocks. If I define cycles using the
curve-out-of-range technique, there is no way to set a time-limit for when
the cycles shall stop, is there?

How do I change the default settings for keyframe-interpolation?
Is there a way to change the interpolation of keyframes of different objects
at the same time?


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