Graphical text and angle

Graphical text and angle

Post by Bruno Van Dam » Sat, 16 Mar 1996 04:00:00


I need a function in C who can draw a string on the screen (graphically)
not horizontally or vertically but with an angle.  This angle can (I
suppose) be given as argument to the function.

Oh : I'm workng with Borland C++. but I need a C function not C++.

Thanks anyway.


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I'm looking for some code that will let me superimpose some text over
another picture in a place that I specify myself...

This must be automatic so that I can read from a text file or something.
I can make those modifications but I need something that will write a
string into a small graphics file or something. In C please...

I'd prefer email responses and I'll summarize if there is a demand.

Thanks in advance,

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