Poisson Hard Core Field Algorithm

Poisson Hard Core Field Algorithm

Post by Eric Brick » Tue, 16 Apr 1996 04:00:00

I'm looking for an algorithm for Poisson Hard Core Field.  If
anyone has an algorithm, or can point me to a good resource, I'd
really appreciate the help.

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1. Need hard core help doing some 3d optimizations

I just ran Turbo Profiler on some code of mine, and it looks like roughly
90% of my CPU time is being shoved into one function.  Any help on the
optimizations would be really appreciated.

E-mail would be preferred, however posts are fine too.

void Calc3D ( int WorldX, int WorldY, int WorldZ,
              int MX, int MY, int MZ,
              int *DisplayX, int *DisplayY)
float xa, ya, za;


AngPerspFactor is a float, as are the assorted factors.  I have already
used a COS and SIN lookup table in another part of the module to expedite
things, but this is really slowing things down considerably.

Any help is appreciated.


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