SIGGRAPH papers available at ACM TOG site

SIGGRAPH papers available at ACM TOG site

Post by Eric Haine » Fri, 11 Jul 2003 22:47:44

As you may know, the yearly SIGGRAPH Proceedings has also become an
issue of ACM TOG. It is currently the practice of ACM TOG to make the
final papers in each issue available as soon as possible, i.e. before
publication of the issue itself. So, almost all SIGGRAPH papers are
now available in final form at the ACM TOG website, until after

A few papers are not available at this time, at the authors' requests.

Other papers to appear in ACM TOG are available at:

as usual.



1. ACM TOG site now up

ACM Transactions on Graphics has a new Editor in Chief, Andrew Glassner.
He and I have been working on WWW pages for ACM TOG, and the basics are
finally ready:  check out .  I consider the
most significant page the Reviewing Guidelines, as here Andrew gives a
sense of where he wants to see TOG go, and it's significantly different
than the current public perception; please read it if you do research (and
even if you don't).  There are other pages of interest, such as the
Editors page, where you can put names to faces for a number of graphics
researchers; there are also links to what they are researching.

I spent a fair amount of time on the Resources links, which point to
software and other data of particular interest to researchers.  I tried to
limit my choices to significant tools and sites and pointers to other
links of interest.  I have also tried to avoid duplication of previous
efforts, such as material already in computer graphics related FAQs.
There is definitely a 3D and ray tracing bias to some of these pages; I
look to you all to point out other resources you consider significant and
worth adding.

See you at SIGGRAPH,

Eric Haines

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