Newbie Direct3D Retained Mode Question...

Newbie Direct3D Retained Mode Question...

Post by Tony Di Cro » Mon, 04 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Having just gotten some of my first D3DRM code running, I immediatley
noticed that when D3DRM draws my objects to the back buffer, it draws
them on a white background... And if you translate or rotate the
object the little white bounding boxes just move with it... Basically
what I want is like when you're blitting a sprite and you leave out
transparent colors... BUT I'd rather not have to use some
OFFSCREENPLAIN surface as the target 3D surface and then do a
transparent blit... isn't their some way to tell RM not to draw those
bounding white boxes?


1. Direct3D Retained Mode

Can anyone point me at any on-line resources which might help me to gently
transition from OpenGL to Direct3D retained mode? Failing that can anyone
recommend a good book?
First impressions are that there is a very strong (almost one to one)
correspondence. Would anyone care to point out the main differences?

Many thanks

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