Building 3D engine. Looking for pen pals about that

Building 3D engine. Looking for pen pals about that

Post by Michel Donai » Wed, 25 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Hi. I'd like to write with interrested people about the 3D engine I'm
currently thinking about. I know I'm not the best in 3D graphics and I
don't know everything in the world so basically I'm looking for
stimulating algorithmical discussions with others, to get new ideas,
twists, talk about theoretical possibilities, basically _have fun_.

Here is what I'm thinking of, so you'll know if it's of interest.

A 3D animation engine that would use a half-radiosity, half-ray tracing
engine as it's base, with phong for moving pieces and "low-res" fast

It would _not_ be precalculated, unless a still is required.

The speed would be attained by a time-based motion blur and pre-calculated
databases. Actually, that engine would be built for high-speed games (Kind
of like WipeOut, best example I can think of)

It would only run fast enough on G3/Xeon since I'm planning that engine
for in 1-2 years and the world goes 'round so fast these days. ;) Of
course if it runs on a off the mill Mac II/286, I would be happy but I
don't think so!

The engine is _not_ to be copyrighted. Maybe only to protect my right and
to be sure that someone wouldn't steal it and say it's his creation, but
basically I want it freeware, in source format.

That's about it. Anyways, if you like theoretical debates, have a good
idea, an experience with those kind of things, I'd be very interrested in
hearing about you.


Michel Donais
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