Resample Spiral to Grid

Resample Spiral to Grid

Post by Aaron Box » Fri, 18 Jul 2003 07:12:29


I am looking for an algorithm to resample a continuous spiral curve in
the xy
plane, onto a rectangular grid. The spiral points are aquired by an
imaging device moving in a spiral pattern, and I would like to display
the data.

I would also like to do some interpolation, because the data points
more sparse at the periphery of the spiral.

Thank you in advance!

Aaron Boxer


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I've got this done using NCAR's bivar routine.  Just a kludge, but
it works...  It works with the X-windows program 'contour'.  

Let me know if there is any interest in posting, or I'll e-mail individual
requests.  It's just a little front end program.


 Andrew Anselmo / Department of Mechanical Engineering / SUNY Stony Brook  

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