3x2D area->3D area?

3x2D area->3D area?

Post by Mr C. Bro » Tue, 21 Dec 1993 22:29:48

I require either an algorhythm or pointers to one to find area.
The system I am using takes an image of the area from three orthog*
points. The area is not regular and the area on each of the three 2D
images is being calculated using Simpsons rule.
How knowing the three 2D areas find the actual area of the plane being



1. Area of overlap of areas bounded by two given polygons

Let two polygons A and B be defined by the coordinate pair sequences
(x , y ) for i= 1, 2, ..., a and (x , y ) for i= 1, 2, ..., b respectively.
  i   i                           i    i

I would like to have (a reference to) an algorithm that can be used to
calculate the area of the overlap of the areas bounded by these two polygons.
Note that this overlap is not necessarily a simply connected area.

Jos Groot
Physics and Electronics Laboratory FEL-TNO
P.O.box 96864
the Netherlands

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