Geometric detail suppression for FE mesh generation

Geometric detail suppression for FE mesh generation

Post by Yong-Gu Le » Wed, 17 Dec 1997 04:00:00

We are a CAD software development team of Samsung SDS.
Next year, we are planning on developing a software that
enhances productivity in FE mesh generation.

It will be a product based on following reference article listed below.

"Signal Processing Approach for Geometric Detail Suppression,"
Yong-Gu Lee and Kunwoo Lee, Proceedings of Design Engineering
Technical Conference, ASME DFM 97,14 - 17 September, 1997,
Hyatt Regency, Sacramento, CA

Given the widespread use of the Finite Element Method in strength
analysis, automatic mesh generation is an important component in
the computer-aided design of parts and assemblies. For a given
resolution of geometric accuracy, the purpose of mesh generators
is to discretize the continuous model of a part within this error limit.
Sticking to this condition often produces many small elements around
small features in spite that these regions are usually of little interest
and computer resources are thus wasted. Therefore, it is desirable to
selectively suppress small features from the model before discretization.
This can be achieved by low-pass filtering a CAD model.In this paper a
method to apply the techniques in signal processing to the manipulation
of a 3D model is proposed.
Keywords: detail removal, finite element meshing, signal processing

Since we are not experienced with FE mesh generation, we are seeking
partners that have such experiences. We would like to have a
programmable FEA environment so that we can implement our algorithm
ontop of it. If you can provide such an environment please let me know.

Best regards,

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