Different format format for YUV

Different format format for YUV

Post by Vipul Paladiy » Fri, 18 Jul 2003 20:05:59

 Hi Guys,
 I have a query for the following.
 i.e. for 422, Y is Vert = 2, Horiz =1 and U and V Vert=Hors=1.
      for 444,  Y and U and V  Vert = Horiz =1

So, is it possible that 422 with Y comp Vert =1 and Horiz =2 there?

I know we can always have a image like this. But is it called 422.

Thanks in advance.


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Could anybody tell me where I could find, on the web or in an appropriate book, the file format of a YUV file, so that I can break it down into individual bmp's.


If possible, please email me

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