Direction of a 2D boundary

Direction of a 2D boundary

Post by Fernando Cacciol » Fri, 09 Feb 2001 05:25:01

Quote:> Hello,

> How do i define the direction of a boundary (clockwise or
> counter-clockwise). The boundary is not connective.

Well, it depends on what do you mean with 'bounday'.
If boundary is a non-convex polygon look for 'polygon orientation' in the

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Hi, everybody,

1. I have a problem has to find out a point locate in the polygon of
any shape. I guess the center of a polygon will do. Could anybody
give me the algorithm or C code, or direct me to the right place?

2. How could I know what direction of the points of a polygon go? here I
mean clockwise or nonclockwise?

        Assume the boundary points of the polygon are in array
        where PTS is defined as  
                struct {
                double x, y;
        n is the number of points to construct the polygon.
        PTS's are in order (clokwise or nonclokwise? i do not know)      

please send your mail to my address.

Thanks a lot.

Jinfan Duan
Dept. of Forest Engineering
Oregon State University

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