HELP: Field morphing alg. needed!

HELP: Field morphing alg. needed!

Post by Jerko Duplanc » Tue, 20 May 1997 04:00:00

        Please send me some tutorial/faq/doc about field morphing or point
me to some site where I can find useful info about it!


1. help - boundary detection alg. needed

I'm a newbie to image processing so bear with me.
Does anyone have any suggestions for an efficient algorithm which would do
the following:

I have a 512x512 image with an irregular shaped object (say pixel values>0).
I have a point at the centroid (or some other position within the object). I
draw a line outward from the point and wish to know its length where it
crosses the boundary (where pixels =0) of the object. The line is rotated
about the point in 5 deg increments and each time I need the distance to the
boundary.  Animating this process, one should see a "watch hand" rotating
about the point with its length changing at each position clipped by the
boundary of the object.

Thanks in advance


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