Interpolating an arc

Interpolating an arc

Post by Sean E. Dol » Fri, 25 Aug 2000 15:35:54

I have two vertexes that lie in the XY plane. Id like to extract
points along an arc that passes thru these vertexes. The arcs plane
would be perpendicular to the XY plane and the arcs center will lie in
the -Z. So a line drawn between the two vertexes would be a chord.

Id like to animate an object along that arc.

I cant figure out how to find the points along the arc given only 2
vertexes. I know the arcs plane will always be perpendicular to the XY
plane, the radius will be a constant, and the center will always lie
in the -Z,  so this should allow me to find the arcs center, but how?

If the arc were 180 deg, the center would lie in the XY plane and be
half way between p1 & p2. But Im probably going to use an arc <180 deg
so this would push the center in the -Z.

Sean E. Dolan
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