TIFF: Adding and Extracting Information

TIFF: Adding and Extracting Information

Post by Wassim M. Ja » Thu, 09 Jun 1994 03:10:41


Are there software tools to add/extract
additional textual information to/from a TIFF file?
We are thinking of writing an image database where we search
the TIFF files for the embedded keywords and descriptions.


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1. handling multi-picture-formats as tiff (add/remove/extract picture)

We are offen dealing with multi-picture-files such as tiff and hdf,
where we either can make 1 file with many pictures or many files with each
one picture. More image-packages such as pbmplus, "san diego image tools"
can handle tiff-pictures, but i havn't seen (noticed) any utilities to pack
and unpack pictures into multi-picture-files. Utilities to add a picture
to a multi-picture-file, to extract a single picture from multi-picture-files,
to remove a picture from a multi-picture-file would be nice to have.

Can anybody tell me where to find such utilities especialy tiff ones.
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