Graphic formats...

Graphic formats...

Post by The Devastato » Sat, 13 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I'm currently using the PCX and CEL (old) graphic formats for my owns
programs and I'd like to know about the algoriths of other formats like
gif o jpg because it spends less space in the HD and becose is good for
you to know how the compression programs works.
If you can help me in some way: tanks.

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    ~`-.__.-^~`-.__.-^~`-.__.-^ through BoSKo  ~`-.__.-^~`-.__.-^~`-.__.-^


1. Vector graphic format / raster graphic format

Hi I am frustratedly working with trying to change colors of a JPG file
that is a picture / logo for a company.  I am somewhat inexperienced
with dealing with such files...and recently was told that it needs to
be in an original vector graphics format.  The logo has a wide blend of
sections and colors and shades of these colors.  Is it really true that
it would need to be in an original vector graphic format to retain good
quality?  Another words you couldn't convert the bitmap file format to
a vector graphic format and still retain high quality??  Does it need
to be in an original vector graphic format, worked with and after the
changes made, would it be safe to save the file as a bitmap or raster
graphic format and still have good quality?

Thanks so much for any response.

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