source code for generating Geodesic Domes?

source code for generating Geodesic Domes?

Post by Mr M Takatsu » Thu, 12 Aug 1993 12:11:05


I need vector set which contains surface normal of Geodesic Dome.
I'm not familiar with this field.
So, if someone knows or has programm/source code which generate
polyhedra(Icosahedron, Dodecahedron, Geodesic Dome) in x-y-z
coordinate, please let me know.

Thank you.



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1. Generating Perfect Solids, Polyhedra and Geodesic Domes

I am posting this for a friend.  Please sends responses to:

Advanced Logic Research, Inc.| FAX:    (714)581-7951
9401 Jeronimo                |
Irvine, CA  92718            |

Posting follows:

I am attempting to generate models of various polyhedra, including the
perfect solids.  Answers or their pointers would be greatly appreciated
on the following issues:

1)  What algorithms are available for generating the vertices and/or
    edge vectors of the perfect solids?  Is their a single algorithm
    for generating all five of them?

2)  If a single algorithm can generate all of the perfect solids, does
    it have meaningful output when given a number of vertices or faces
    that does not correspond to one of the perfect solids?

3)  What algorithms are available for generating geodesic dome structures,
    especially those of Bucky Balls (C60 and C70)?

4)  How does one calculate the volumes of perfect solids and geodesic domes?

I would also suggest posting those replies as this subject is probably
of some interest to others (I hope).  Thank you.

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