Pixel Plot to Line Plot algorithm.

Pixel Plot to Line Plot algorithm.

Post by Shawn Barbe » Thu, 11 Nov 1999 04:00:00

I am working in OpenGL to 'draw' symbols in a larger application. The
symbols are defined as hex drawing instructions as follows:
    Move           Draw then Move
   D E                 5 6 7
   C   8               4   0
   B A 9               3 2 1
Thus the hex string 000000 would draw a line 6 pixels long. Well the
problem is we have about 1600 symbols defined in the file and when we
pixel plot them, the code generated is very, very long. So what I want
to do is to convert any groups of three or more pixels into a line. So
I was wondering if there was an algorithm out there to do this. I'm
fairly new to graphics algorithms so please wxcuse me if I've left out
any details. Thanks.


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