BackGround Landscape rendering

BackGround Landscape rendering

Post by SiN » Fri, 22 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Have you ever seen Namco's Fighting Games or Sega Rally championship?

Well, then this is for you. I would like to know how do they map the
landscape bitmaps to do such an amazing paralax effect. I think that the
player could be at the center of a sphere (universe) whose polys are mapped
with the normals pointing to the center and the sphere is translated every
frame as the player translates himself. It could be a method. But does
anyone know how to do it faster? maybe any formula to distort the bitmap to
give a parallax effect? (do not think in tradicional parallax scrolls I
mean parallax effect for example in camera lens)

        Any other idea is wellcome...  TIA...



1. Landscape for background?

I need a landscape model in a 3ds-format.
Why? Because I have been given a big task.
A tecno-group wants me to add a background in their video.
They wanted it to look real.
I know that I can use Vistapro r.3 ,but it is so hard to get.
If anyone can tell me where to look,or if anyone can send me a landscape
they will be revarded by having their name in the video.
The video is also going to be shown as a background animation (for the
group) in a big movie-theatre.

Greeting from
                Per ?yvind Vold

Ps:Dont mind the bad language.

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