Q: best 3D polygon clipper?

Q: best 3D polygon clipper?

Post by Mikael Petterss » Sun, 26 Sep 1993 21:47:44

What is the best (computationally least expensive) known algorithm
for clipping polygons in 3D against an upright parallel view volume?
(Actually, my application needs no yon plane: zMax is +infinity.)

Is there a 3D version of Liang-Barsky's 2D polygon clipper?
Mikael Pettersson, Dept of Comp & Info Sci, University of Linkoping, Sweden


1. Best source of Weiler(80) polygon clipper?

OK, the Apple library [Imagine that! I went to a library to look for
algorithms!] finally got me a copy of Weiler's 1980 paper describing his
polygon clipper. Many people have implemented this algorithm, but the paper
itself is surprisingly short and sketchy on the details. Is there a longer,
more in-depth source, or has everyone had to fill in the details themselves?
(He has a master's thesis from '77, but it describes the earlier
Weiler/Atherton algorithm.)

For those who care, I have given up completely on Vatti's half-baked clipper
and will be implementing Kilgour(87) instead. But I want a good description
of Weiler(80) for my records.

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