best triangle rasterization alg.

best triangle rasterization alg.

Post by Troy D Radek » Sun, 28 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Okay here's an easy one: Can anyone write or describe the fastest way to
rasterize a triangle, where it need to be expanded for interpolation
techniques such as g. shading and z-buffering?

Remember we are talking FAST.


1. triangle rasterization

It's a long shot but hey...

Do you have some pure delphi/pascal code to 'render' a triangle to a
frame buffer.

Something like:

procedure TetraClip

ClipX2,ClipY2 : Integer;

Color : Byte;

FrameBuffer  : pointer );

If it has sub pixel accuracy that would be a bonus.

If no one replies I will end up reverse enginering some assembler code
:) from the 80486 days :)
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