Rule based scenery generation

Rule based scenery generation

Post by Crosbie Fitc » Tue, 16 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Can someone remind me what the state of the art is regarding rule based
scenery generation? This is as opposed to random (or fractal) distribution
(whether user guided or not) and image based generation.


Planet generation (solar system formation, etc.)
Mountain, sea and continent formation (plate tectonics, erosion, etc.)
Flora and fauna distribution (based on climate, weather patterns, etc.)
Road, path and river placement based on landscape (auto bridging, downhill
flows, junctions, route finding between nodes (cities) - avoiding obstacles,
Town generation - observing town evolution based on human usage (possibly
dependent on culture).
Building construction (based on usage, plot size, height, architectural
Building internals construction: rooms, corridors, services, conduit, pipes,
ventilation, windows, furniture placement (based on usage and given interior
decor style).

Related technologies:

Printed circuit board and integrated circuit layout (tracks and components)
Route finding (games, logistics/distribution)
Simulated annealing
Genetic algorithms
Expert systems

The closest commercially available package I've come across that gets
anywhere near meeting any of these requirements is MultiGen's Creator

I am aware that there are many non rule-based efforts, however, I'm after
the 'Magrathea' approach where the customer's spec. is law, rather than the
artist's aesthetic. I'm not necessarily after something that covers the
entire list, just the building internals generation would be neat on its
own. I presume there are many industrial applications where such techology
is indispensible or where not - manual practitioners would kill for such
computer assistance?


1. Procedural scenery generation

Can anyone tell me if there are any procedural scenery generators (plug-ins)
for 3DS?

I'm particularly interested in rule based generation of towns, buildings,
rooms, windows, doors, corridors, pipework, etc.

I'm aware of the road building capabilities of MultiGen tools, and that
there are tools to randomly distribute objects about a scene, so perhaps
someone knows of a tool other than 3DS that can do what I'm asking? I don't
want random, or spray can guided placement, I want rule based placement and
connection, e.g. here's a park and three entrances, please connect a path
between them ensuring it visits two fountains and doesn't go through flower
beds or trees.

I realise the problem I have is comparable to the problem of laying out
components and tracks on printed circuit boards or ICs, but perhaps then
someone has already applied that technology to generate believable (human
looking) scenery?

Maybe I'm way ahead of the game and what I'm looking for hasn't been
invented yet?

Anyone fancy writing such a procedural object plug-in?

(What's the system that would be best to write such a plug-in for, e.g.

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