post producing/simulating film grain ?

post producing/simulating film grain ?

Post by morgan larc » Mon, 06 Apr 1998 05:00:00

Does anyone have any ideas about simulating *very* grainy
film in stills or short animation's. I have tried several
noise functions with different octaves but the images come
out looking, well, noisy, not grainy. Ideal would be
something along the lines of E6 pushed three or four stops.

Clues ? Ideas ?


1. ? Post processing -- Adding film grain

This is a bit off topic I think but how might I simulate
very coarse film grain post render. I have worked with
several noise functions but they don't quite get it, they
end up looking, well, just noisy (duh). I am looking for
something on the order of high ei E6 pushed two or three stops.

Any advice welcomed,

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