--Polygon overlap checking--

--Polygon overlap checking--

Post by Mike Antti » Sun, 16 Oct 1994 04:45:04

Good day,
        I'm relatively new here... I was just wondering if anyone could
explain how I could check if two polygons were overlapping.  It has to be
a pretty fast method since it will be used for an arcade game.  To narrow
it down a bit more, here's the situation:  I originally wanted to perform
"box checking" on the sprites because it is the fastest method I know, but
the sprites are going to be rotating (in two dimensions), so I want to be
able to rotate the "checking" boxes as well and still be able to check for

        If anyone has any suggestions/methods/ideas for this or for other
(better) ways of doing things, I'd be thankful for your reply...

Thanks in advance...


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1. 2D Polygon Overlap Checking using OpenGL?

Is it theoretically possible to use OpenGL to do overlap checking for
2D polygons? Placing 2D polygons onto a 2D plane(xy) but checking for
continuously to make sure we can get the polygon as close to the
existing polygons on the plane. A good example would be Tetris.
Obviously it is possible to implement overlap detection by either
representing the polygons by using either bitmaps or vectors. This
approach will not take advantage of hardware acceleration. The overlap
check method would be purely software driven.

Thankyou in advance for any help.

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