Algorithm for Octree Quantization

Algorithm for Octree Quantization

Post by Ian Ashdow » Sat, 01 Aug 1998 04:00:00

>I want the algorithm for "Octree Quantization: An algorithm for Color
>Quantization". I have found two places where this algorithm is explained
>it is not very clear. Can somebody mail me the algorithm which is explained
>very clearly or tell me the web site where I can find it? I will be very
>grateful if somebody can provide me this information.

Sure -- go to and look in the library section. There
is a comprehensive bibliography of color quantization papers (over 100), C++
source code for the Gervautz-Purgathofer octree color quantization
algorithm, and my article on the topic from a past issue (I believe March
1995) of C/C++ Users Journal.

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1. Octree color quantization info

hello netters,

I'm looking for some more info on the Octree color quant. technique found
in Graphics Gems 1.  The book didn't go into nearly enough detail.  No souce,
and just minimal explanation.

Does anyone has any code or got this algo. down?
Any info will be much appreciated.

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