DOOM Style Graphics

DOOM Style Graphics

Post by James Huga » Sat, 26 Feb 1994 07:14:49

Someone here left a post claiming to have knowledge about DOOM style graphics.
I too would be interested in this.  If you find the time, please either post



1. Collision with walls and objects in Doom-style scenario

I need a detailed desciption of the method, perhaps with a flow chart.

I know how to detect a collision(method for wall collision detection I found
in article at gamasutra site) and how to calculate the new position when the
player 'slides' off the object or along the wall.

But I can't decide how best to manage things when two or more walls/objects
are collided with.
One problem is that the wall the player's projected position is nearest to,
isn't necessarily the first wall collided with, which is surely the wall the
player should slide along?
Then the position the player slides to can collide with one or more
It all gets rather complicated, and my attempts to date aren't too good and
don't cope with a complex scene.
Another problem I came across is when the player points into a corner, his
position alternates between 2 values, giving an unacceptable judder effect.

Can anyone advise me, or point me to a web page, please

john rose


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