#newtek, a new newtek discussion channel on EFNET

#newtek, a new newtek discussion channel on EFNET

Post by Petter S?ttber » Sat, 02 Jun 2001 22:09:12

We have just started up a new channel on efnet for newtek discussions.
We don't have many users yet, but the more users the more rewarding it could
So please join #newtek on efnet.

If you need info about IRC go to www.mirc.com for the most popular
IRC-client for windows.

btw, people that want to get "warez" shouldn't even bother to join... u will
be kicked.


1. NewTek Discussion Boards Opening...

NewTek Discussion Boards Opening...

May 9, 2000

NewTek is pleased to announce that we are opening moderated discussion
forums on our web site. The forums will provide users of NewTek products
with a convenient direct access to NewTek product teams and support
staff. Forums are located at: http://www.newtek.com/discus. Within a few
days we will add an access button from the main NewTek page at

NewTek's flagship products, LightWave and the Video Toaster, will each
have three forums - Support, Feature Request, and Product Information.
Aura, Inspire, Calibar, and the classic Amiga Video Toaster/Flyer will
each have forums as well.

LightWave product team member Jason Linhart will moderate the LightWave
forums. Video Product manager Paul Lara will moderate the Video Toaster
forums, and Calibar Product Manager Greg Roadruck will moderate the
Calibar forum. Director of Customer Support and Services Chuck Baker
will moderate the remaining forums. Technical Support Specialist Kevin
Sloan will provide technical support in the forums. Other members of the
product teams, including programming staff, will also participate in the
forums, providing NewTek product users and vendors with unprecedented
access to both development and support teams.

NewTek staff will also continue to be available here and on the other
Newsgroups and MLs that we've been monitoring.


Chuck Baker -- NewTek, Inc.
Director, Customer Support and Services

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