Is the LW8 DFX+ offer over

Is the LW8 DFX+ offer over

Post by js33 » Wed, 09 Jul 2003 03:45:43

Hi all,

Is the LW8 upgrade/DFX+ offer over? or will there be an extension?



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OK, it's official. The offer is now available here in the UK up to 30th June. I
just got an email from Onevideo giving details of the offer. This is a direct
link to the appropriate page on theri website :

Other UK dealers may also be offering this deal....but I only know for certain
about this one. Not too bad at 399 inc VAT for a LW8 upgrade (when it appears),
a full copy of eyeon's DFX+ including the Visual Effects and 3D Modules and, by
the sound of it, a nice shiny new LW7.5 CD. Credit cards at the ready everyone,
only 20 days to get your orders in :-))


Kevin F Stubbs
Kayef Select Limited

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