Polygons that are "dead to bones"

Polygons that are "dead to bones"

Post by mik » Mon, 17 Feb 2003 11:52:13

these are the kind of problems that add hours to my projects...I have
been trying to figure this out for about 3 hours and cannot solve the
problem. I consider myself pretty damn good with bones. I've been
setting up characters for years and I've never encountered this

I set up an entire character, but decided to replace the hands with
some other ones in my library I liked better. No problem, I attached
cut the other ones off, attached the new hands and set the weight maps
correctly(I'm using a whole arm map, no separation in the hand and
fingers...that's a waste of time to me).

Anyway, I had the bones working fine, but I had to reparent some stuff
and set some pivot rotations. All of a sudden, I discover that the
bones in the pinky area of the right hand will not move the pinky
anymore. And yes, they are "Active". The corect map is assigned, they
are switched on, it's just that one area will not be affected by
bones, even if I create a new one and slide it into the pinky area ---
nothing. The only thing that will move the area is the ring finger
next to to it.

Has anyone ran into this problem?



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