System Set-ups ?

System Set-ups ?

Post by Mark Dunak » Tue, 12 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I was wonderrine what people think. Does it matter if a person gets a Raptor
or a Rendersaurus ? I would like a Raptor, but the Rendersaurus is MUCH
cheapper. So does it really matter which one a person gets ? And yes I know
that a Raptor is always upgradeable but I dought very much that I will ever,
"at least in the near future" have the cash to upgrade.

And also I would like to know if there is a nonlinear system that would run on
one of these types of machines and work like the Flyer does or at least close
to it? I really only want to do LW animations but would like to be able to
bring video in to the 3D environment. And I also am concerned about the way
that some systems have to rerender everthing if a client changes his mind
about words that might be overlaid on top of my animations? On the Flyer I
just type in new words on the CG and key them over the animations. I hope I am
making sense here and that someone can help me?


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 Hi all! I'm trying to set myself up to make our new animated film. I've
 limited $. Right now I have a PII 350 with 384mbram, and a PII300 with
384mbram. I
 was thinking of dropping the 350's motherboard(asus p2B) into the 300's
case, with a
 new PII400 cpu. Then, I wanted to dump a new asus p2B-D into the 350,
with dual
 PII 400's.

 I will be throwing nVidia-based GeForce cards into both machines.
 My question is this- for the dual PII 400 machine, would I be better
off putting a
 single AMD Athlon 700 in, instead of dual 400's? Just wondering about
the heat
 generated by duals, and also, I hear good performance things about the
AMD700, and
 wonder if anybody knows comparisons between it and a dual 400 setup?

 Very much appreciate anybody's related thinking/insights.


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