image controls on image viewer?

image controls on image viewer?

Post by marc » Sat, 26 May 2001 10:15:19

        I was trying to get the image controls to work on the image
viewer (the one that shows render results) . At the moment they all
seem to be grayed out . I have tried enabling a multitude of image
process filters i.e hdr expose and fp gamma . Nothing seems to
work. Any ideas?



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I am sorry to ask the same question again. Although Mike had answered
me, I can't browse the answer in his reply(Message unavailable).
So, execute me to your time, or Mike, to answer me again, PLEASE....! ~^_^~

I uses API "Bitblt" function to move a image. But some problem happened
to me:

I move a image, named A, from P point to Q point. And on the path(P to Q), I put
another image(I mean, a real image control), named B. While A goes through B, A
will erase B. After A arrives at Q point, B will be re-appeared again!

How do I solve it?

Thanks A LOT!!

And Mike, THANKS.

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