Problem with alpha offset for HV Sprite clip sequence.

Problem with alpha offset for HV Sprite clip sequence.

Post by Jean Marc Rodrigu » Mon, 04 Dec 2000 15:11:57

I'm using a LW rendered TGA sequence with embedded alpha as a clip
sequence in Hypervoxels Sprite mode applying this to animated ParticleFX
in LightWave 6.5.

If I change the Frame Offset (in HV's Shading / Advanced tab) to
anything other than Uniform the image is offset but the embedded alpha
is not! This leaves very unsightly black areas where the animated image
sequence has changed position from the first frame but its embedded
alpha has not been offset.

Does the same thing not happen to everyone else or is this a universal

There are some wonderful options that I would like to use to create a
random looking animation but if the alpha doesn't match I can't use

Hope this was all clearly explained and I hope this is a bug that will
be squashed soon.

Could someone try this feature and let me know if it works for them?

Jean Marc Rodrigue


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