LScript 5.5 - selecting polygons

LScript 5.5 - selecting polygons

Post by Nir Hermon » Tue, 28 Oct 1997 04:00:00

All :)

Tinkering with LScript on Modeler 5.5...
Is there any way to select a polygon using it's polygon id? And if not,
why oh why???


Nir Hermoni, Israel


1. Lscript crashes LW when selected in image filters

Not sure when this started, most probably after installing 6.5b (it worked
fine before that) but whenever I select the Lscript plugin in the image
filter list, LW crashes out with an LCore3 error. Now it could be something
I've done wrong, it does say Lscript is now part of LW, and that you should
remove the previous files to avoid problems, stupidly, I didn't, and im
sticking to the excuse that I was too excited to be installing b that i
forgot... :) anyway, which files are safe to delete now regarding Lscript?
granted I can always reinstall if I have to from scratch but I'd rather
avoid that as other than this problem everything else is set up real nice
and working well.

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