Creating Unreal Tournament scene with LW?

Creating Unreal Tournament scene with LW?

Post by ab » Sun, 15 Sep 2002 19:27:11

Any links on creating Unreal Tournament scene with LW?

1. LW for Unreal Tournament! A BEGINNING

This is something to get the folk at Newtek started in supporting
development in games and in the "mod scene".

Like most 3-D gamers, this holiday season, I got my grubby mitts on two

Quake III Arena


Unreal Tournament.

Being a 3-D Artist as well, I really wanted to get into the mod scene (for
fun) and started learning UnrealEd (for game level modeling) but was
disheartened to find out that most character modeling and animation had to
be exported via MAX.

Well, finally found a plug-in to export bone animation from LW!

Haven't tried it yet but the documentation looks convincing.  Now I can make
a JIN THE UNSTOPPABLE model to wreak havok in the UT universe!  Quiver
cannon fodder!  I am coming!  :)

I personally thank and applaud the makers of this free plug-in for their
vision and dedication and hope that this modest post gets them some
attention.  And I hope some of you guys find some use for it as well.


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