Particle Storm - how to reflect particles

Particle Storm - how to reflect particles

Post by Bartosz Borut » Sat, 06 Nov 1999 04:00:00


How to force reflection surface to reflect particles from PS ???
Or how to force particles to become reflected by reflection surfaces ???

I'm applying small objects to particles, next PS generates SEQUENCE of lwo
and pso files
how to manage them in layout (there is no word in instruction about this) ?



1. Particle Storm - constraining particles

Anybody have any ideas about how to make a particle group stay inside a pipe

I've got a group set up in PS that's supposed to flow along an elbow-shaped
pipe, but I keep getting stray particles that break out and fly around. Plus,
the constraint only seems to last until the bend in the pipe, after which the
particles all fly off in a spray.

I've tried Gravity (can't move it around), Collision Detection (seems to wear
off), Flocking & Swarming (they still fly around). Am I doing it wrong, or is
there another way?

John Zero
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