New Free DOF_Blur plugin for Alpha/Intel plus source

New Free DOF_Blur plugin for Alpha/Intel plus source

Post by Matthew Sorre » Tue, 11 Mar 1997 04:00:00

I'm very happy to announce that Pontari Productions is making available
our super cheap, sort of cheesy DOF_Blur image filter for LightWave 5.0.
Basically this blurs parts of the image based on their distance from the
camera.  It uses NULL objects to aim the focus.  It has a more than
passing similarity to Wavefilter's DOF blur with the single exception
that it doesn't do nearly as good a job.  But hey what do you want for
about 6 hours worth of work.  The binary and more information can be
found on Pontari's Lightwave pages:

The source code to this plugin is also available and makes an excellent
example of how to do LWPanel's, reading NULL object coordinates, and a
few other tricks.  Users are welcome to port it to other LightWave
platforms as well.

Note: this is a copyrighted work.  We are asking people to not
redistributed it on their own web sites, ftp sites, or CDROM's.  Your
welcome to give it to your friends but not to sell it with anything,
especially CDROM compilations.  If you wish to distribute it in this way
please ask first.

And while your getting it, you might want to check out Super Glow our
first commercial plugin.  Available at a fairly low price it does things
with glow's that will amaze you.  A free limited/demo version is

but we will try to fix major problems etc.

Pontari Productions  (


1. qemLOSS - Free plugin for SGI, Intel, and Alpha

qemLOSS (Lightwave Object Surface Simplification) is a free plugin
available for the SGI, Intel, and Alpha platforms. It is a Modeler
plugin that uses a surface simplification algorithm in an attempt to
reduce the number of polygons in a Lightwave object. The plugin allows
the user to rapidly produce good quality approximations of excessively
detailed polygonal models.

This plugin does polygon reduction similar to Decimate, but uses a
completely different algorithm that in most cases seems to work better
for objects that will be used for level of detail type applications and
objects that can be used as low-res stand-ins while doing scene layout.
Decimate was intended for applications where the object's topology needs
to be preserved (medical 3D isosurface reconstructions). qemLOSS does
not have the restriction of preserving the topology, and therefore in
most cases, will provide more reduction but still provide a good
approximation to the original object.

Thanks goes to Matthew Sorrels for porting this plugin to the Intel and
Alpha platforms, his assistance is always very valuable and greatly

More about this plugin, how to download, and its usage can be found on
this web page:

or you can get to it from my main plugins page at:

I'm always interested in hearing how people are using these plugins, so
if you use it drop me a line, or send a message to the newsgroup
describing what you've done.

Marvin Landis
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