WANTED: Latest Version of LW for new user

WANTED: Latest Version of LW for new user

Post by steve berg » Thu, 04 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I'd like to purchase the latest version of LW used from someone here in
the states.  Unregistered version for Win95 is preferred.


1. Mac LW User List (New Users)

I get a new name every few days and the list is growing (slowly, but
growing nonetheless). At last count, there were 32 names. Until we get a
serious mailing list available, keep sending me suggestions and updates. I
suddenly feel up to making this thing work again. If there are any list
members who did not get the last mailing (11/29/97), let me know and I'll
check your name with the list and make sure you're on it! Thanks everybody.


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