Config of mouse scroll to zoom in or out

Config of mouse scroll to zoom in or out

Post by Marti » Tue, 29 May 2001 20:16:18

You can zoom in and out by holding the alt and ctrl keys at the same
time in addition with your left (move mouse left and right to do zooms)
button on your mouse, or maybe using using the magnify glass on the
viewports, or hitting the "g" key on the area where your mouse hits then
zooming in with your "<" ">" carrot keys. I think that would be easier
to zoom than mapping the zoom to your mouse, it would be quite annoying
to me to accidently zoom in or out with your mouse button accidently.
Heck I don't use my middle mouse button anyways (currently mapped as a
"shift"), try a wacom tablet, it is much nicer to use.



> is this possible on V6 ?
> i cant figure out how to config my mouse tools