Metashade and Metatarget plugins crashes LW 5.0

Metashade and Metatarget plugins crashes LW 5.0

Post by RHauser » Sun, 28 Jul 1996 04:00:00

The shading plugins metashade and metatarget chrashes Lw 5.0 and
my system ... i know that gives a fixing path for the metaplugins
but i cant find it on a newtek ftp server ..
can anyone help me and tell me where i can find this bugfix patch

many thx in advance ... cu rick


1. metashade and metatarget crashes on LW 5.0

the plugins for shading plugins ..metashade and metatarget..alwazs crash
the applications ...i have lw 5.0 with a ppro /winNT System and alwaz when
want to use them they crash my application..
any one know why .....    can someone post his version of the plugin..

cu thx

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