Anyone using World Builder 2.2 with Lightwave

Anyone using World Builder 2.2 with Lightwave

Post by seansa » Fri, 01 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I have just purchased Animatek World Builder 2.2  - it is one of hte
easiest to use/learn programs I have ever come across - but I am still
not getting the results I would like with Lightwave. Specifically when
it imports LWO's all the surfaces are lost. Anyone else using the
program and having similar issues?

1. FS: Animatek World Builder Pro 2.2

Bought 2 months ago, Animate World Builder Professional Version 2.2. This
is a real, legitimate version with dongle, manuals, box. Asking $500 reg.
sells for $699-999. This program kicks butt, but I don't have as much use
for it now with new job.


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