Easy/Quick Character Animation via MIDI

Easy/Quick Character Animation via MIDI

Post by MarcMyl » Thu, 09 May 2002 07:33:28


>> I would like to be able to move a physical slider instead of using the damn
>> mouse. Mice do nothing but ruin your hand. Anyway, I posted a link to the
>> midi fader that worked with SoftImage years ago, it is the peavey pc1600x.
>> know they are around 300 bux and would be great to use with any 3d
>> The company that originally made the drivers for Si is now only selling the
>> flying fader version for 5 grand. That is way out of my pricerange, and is
>> out of the question.

>    Well, does anybody else make a midi-fader?  Cuz they all should work,

Sure, any device that generates MIDI controller messages will work.  These
days, there are quite a few such devices, many of them relatively inexpensive.
Most synthesizers and keyboard MIDI controllers have at least one slider.

For example, MIDIman makes a USB controller, the Oxygen8 ($180 list,
www.midiman.com), with a two-octave keyboard, an assignable slider, and eight
assignable knobs.




si, moi je parle le chinois....euhhh le francais...

Mais j ai aucune idee pour rsoudre ton probleme...dsol.
J   'aimerais bien comprendre ce que l'utilisation d'un clavier t'apporte dans le contr?le de tes lumieres...veux-tu les synchroniser (en temps rel) avec une anim ou un fichier son ?


    Y_a_t_il des personnes qui parlent le francais ou le chinois dans ce newsgroup ?
    Anyway this is a silly question. My purpose is to connect a midi keyboard within maya, to have much better control over the lighting of my scene. Any experience would be appreciate.

    By the way, i create a solar system, and experienced trouble with motion path under a scale of 1e-005 ( Maya 2.0). The planet seemed to danse a parkinson java. So beware with macroscopic bug.



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