Wanted: video/dvd manuals

Wanted: video/dvd manuals

Post by Bo Bal » Fri, 27 Jun 2003 20:52:40

I am a beginner and i am looking for instruction video`s or dvd`s.
Buying Lightwave cost me an arm and a leg, and i think the instruction
video`s are quit expensive.
So my question is: who has these manuals for sale for a nice price ?



1. Ulead MEDIASTUDIO PRO 7 Can Edit DVD-VR Video Recorded On DVD-RAM

Ulead MEDIASTUDIO PRO 7.0 can 'capture' and edit the DVD-VR video
recorded as .VRO files by stand alone DVD-R/DVD-RAM recorders such as
the Panasonic DMR-E30.

1. Remove your recorded DVD-RAM disc from your Panasonic recorder.

2. Insert your recorded DVD-RAM disc into your DVD-RAM computer drive.

3. Open MEDIASTUDIO PRO 7.0's Video Capture program.

4. Select the DVD-VR capture plug-in.

5. Click CAPTURE>VIDEO and then click the BROWSE button to browse to
your DVD-RAM computer drive where you will observe a folder named

6. In the entry line, type .VRO. (Change the entry to .VRO if the
entry line already displays the .MPG extension)

7. Then click OK.

8. A playlist should appear.

9. Highlight the entry in the playlist.

10. You should now observe a THUMBNAIL of the video on the DVD-RAM
disc and a button that says TRIM.

11. Click FINISH

12. Save the file to any location on your hard drive.

To 'burn' to a DVD-RAM disc in a DVD-RAM drive:

1. Open Ulead MEDIASTUDIO PRO 7.0 Video Editor


3. Click NEW DISC IMAGE BUTTON and choose your DVD-RAM drive


Now you'll note the presence of a new DVD_RTAV folder that contains a
.VRO file (and other files) on your DVD-RAM disc.

SMART RENDER technology, which only re-renders those portions of video
that are 'changed' in the timeline by titles, transitions, or filters.

Jerry Jones

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