Wish List

Wish List

Post by tgla » Thu, 25 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Hi everyone,

     First of all I would like to say great job Newtek!
     keep up the good work.

     Newtek, if you are looking for user wish lists,
     this is what I would like to see somtime in the

[1]  Selective antialiasing. It would be nice to have control
     of what objects are antialiased. Also the ability to turn
     adaptive sampling on some objects but not on others.

[2]  Selective lighting. Allowing you to light one object in
     a group of objects without effecting all the others.  

[3]  AVI preview mode. This would allow you to render a preview
     and view it all in layout. Cut out having to save an AVI
     then load up Nt's player.

[4]  Multiple color wireframe previews. Its a plus for me when
     I use different colors in layout, but the previews are black
     wire when viewing. Real hard somtimes to pick out objects
     moving around in a cluster of other objects.

[5]  Object load in matt editor. It would be great to preview your
     textures on a real object rather on silly little balls and
     cubes. It could be a low rez thumb nail. I have seen other
     programs that preview textures on the object directly.

[6]  A second view window. You know, I could have a top view in
     scaled down window in the corner.

[7]  Output tweak controls. Contrast, brightness, hue, so on....
     I know wave filter does it, but it would be nice to control
     that stuff in layout.

[8]  Multiple drive save feature. A way to tell layout if you
     run out of space on one drive, continue on another drive.
     It's a bummer to find out that your drive is full and layout
     was idle for half the night.

=B-) Email to mom feature. Sends email telling mom your "ok"
     and what you are doing is a real job. It could send it
     everytime you render a scene.

Well....Thats it. Have a great day!


                                Burlington Vermont.


1. The POV Wish List

There's been a POV4 wish list thread (actually, a couple of them), which
was inspired by an idea I had for an on-line publication.

There were several criteria I had for what should be higher on the wish
list (ie, where we would most appreciate the POV teams' efforts).  These

1.  General demand.  If only two people want something, then the POV-team
would be wasting their time.  If everyone wants it, then that's a different

2.  Difficulty of the work-around:  If a ten-line .inc file can do the job,
then there's no need for the POV team to spend a few weeks hacking code.
On the other hand, mapping an image_map onto a Bezier curve (which could be
done in an .inc file, but with lots and lots of work), is a better

3.  Ease of implementation:  Sweeping a fourth-dimensional curve along a
cubic spline would involve either lots of triangles or lots of root
crunching; neither are plesasnt.  If you don't have the faintest idea how
a feature would be implemented, then that's a good sign that it's too

Anyway, the following are in the running:

* a function that returns the size (in POV units) of a given ttf object
(high demand; work-around is by extensive trial and error; should be
trivial to implement)

* a function that delivers the elevation of a given point in a height
field (moderate demand; work-around involves extensive trial and error;
should be easy to implement)

* smoothly connecting spheres (moderate demand; work-around involves
good analytical geometry skills or the CTDS utility; should be easy to

* spherical and cylindrical height fields.  (High demand; work-around
involves utility software; should be no more difficult than the planar

* NURBS (moderate demand; work-around requires third-party utility to
devolve NURB into triangle mesh; moderate to high implementation

"The existential root of Libertarianism is the experience of being very
bad at taking orders from morons."--Leopold Leider.

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